Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Good News

For those of you that know my dad, will also know that he has had his business up for sale. He OFFICIALLY sold it a couple of weeks ago! That is a welcomed relief for both my dad and my mum. He will stay on for another 12 months but this time he is the employee and not the employer. Mum will retire so she should be able to put her feet up a bit more.

Dad has a pretty sweet deal with the new owner in terms of his working hours. After his heart attack last year (it is almost 1 year ago!), he needed to slow down and take care of himself.


Monday, 28 April 2008

Oliver's Spending Money

I completely forgot that Oliver got some money for his birthday and Christmas. I had put it away in my other bag for safe keeping!! LOL

Anyway, we went out today and he finally got his 'Thomas Bridge' and there was enough money left over to buy 3 trains. I don't think that there are too many trains he hasn't got.

Here he is with his cheeky grin! Yes, he just had to be in the photo too!


Sunday, 20 April 2008

Howletts Zoo

It was an overcast day but as our friends from Germany are visiting, we wanted to do something together. We were going to go to Legoland but left buying the tickets online too late. It was waaaay too expensive to buy tickets at the gate so we went to Howletts instead. The kids love animals.

The photo doesn't really show just how BIG this elephant really is! They are beautiful animals.

Here are the Black Rhino's. There are actually 3 of them with one just to the right - out of view.

We actually went at the right time because is was 'feeding time at the zoo!' Here is one of the tigers with his/her (I cannot tell!) bag of goodies but the one on the right that is jumping up was the one to get stuck into the other bag.

I didn't get to take photos of the gorilla's. They were funny when their food was dropped from the top of their massive cage. Some had climbed to the top to be the first to get the carrots and lettuce but the other ran around on the ground picking up the food and hoarding them in their arms. They would then go and find a quiet place to sit and munch away.


Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Artist In Training

Today was painting day! I bought Oliver these new tubes of paint (so much easier than using a brush!) and after priming them ready for him to use, off he went!

Do you like how he is sitting on his chair? He carries this chair all over the house - especially in the kitchen so he can see what I am doing!

This is his second painting and he clearly likes the colour red! I managed to get the purple in his hand but he is distracted by the television in the shot. He does love to paint.


Saturday, 12 April 2008

Do It Yourself Icing

Our local super market sell these un-iced ginger bread man cookies and while walking up and down the isles the other week, I cam across these little tubes of icing already to go! I thought it would be a good idea (and funny!) to get Oliver to ice his own cookie.

He loved it! He needed a little help in squeezing the tubes though!

You may notice he is in different clothing! - I took him up to have a bath!

He thoroughly enjoyed his self-iced cookie! I think these ones are just the right size for him to eat too. The other ones we get are bigger and only a few times has he not been able to finish it.


Sunday, 6 April 2008

Snow Time - 1st Post

This is what we woke up to this morning - SNOW! And lots of it too.

Here is Oliver getting ready to go for a walk in the snow and throw snow balls at daddy !! LOL

This will show you just how much snow we had in one night !! OMG. This doesn't happen very often, especially in the London area and especially in APRIL !!!

He is throwing snow at the garage door. Bless him !! He couldn't really throw properly so it was funny to watch.


Snow Time - 2nd Post

We decided to walk down to the shops to get food for dinner.

Rob was shaking the trees as Oliver walked under them but this one got Rob more than Oliver ! LOL

Another shot of Oliver in the snow.


Party Boy

Doesn't he look smart !!

One of the boys Oliver used tos wim with is having a party today with a bouncy castle. The past few days have been lovely weather but today is going to be cold with snow predicted over night.


Saturday, 5 April 2008

I've got a Mouse !

Rob got a new mouse for Oliver to use while playing his games. It is the perfect size for his hands.


Thursday, 3 April 2008

Computer Game

Rob bought Oliver some computer games (his first ones) as he likes to sit on Rob's lap and watch Rob play his game (Lord of the Rings).

It is called "Piglet's BIG Game" and Oliver loves it. Rob showed him how to use the mouse and that the arrow needed to be white before he could click on the item......he picked that up in no time !! Our mouse is a little too big for his hand so we are going to look for a smaller one just for Oliver to use.

Ok, so the game is really good for kids. You travel with Piglet through the Hundred Acre Wood collecting items Rabbit needs to make his Very Large Soup, visiting all the other characters along the way as they each have something to add to the soup.

Here he is concentrating !! LOL Isn't he cute !!

Rob bought 3 games in total but the other ones wouldn't load on the pc so we are trying to sort those out.