Monday, 31 December 2007

Hello from Germany


We drove from the UK to Germany yesterday (Saturday) to stay with our friends Martin, Jill and Luke for the New Years celebrations. The Germans are quite big on fireworks and Oliver loves them so he will be excited about that.

We had a really good run with no traffic to hold us up except for checking in at the UK port. To cut a long story short, we missed our train and we ended up not leaving the UK until 12:20pm. Not the start we wanted but it turned out ok. Oliver had a sleep in the car and I closed my eyes for a while as both Oliver and I have been ill AGAIN !!!

We are both feeling better now but today Oliver seems to be losing his voice. The two men went out last night and didn't come home until after 4am so everyone has gone to bed for a sleep so what a great time to update my blog while it is nice and quiet.


Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Christmas Day

Santa was thirsty and hungry on his journey tonight. He stopped by our house and ate the mince pie and drank the whiskey little Oliver left him !!! Then he left presents in Oliver's stocking.

Here are the presents that Santa left and his special stocking from Disneyland Paris.
THIS is the stash Oliver got for Christmas. Not all of this is from us but also from family and friends. Oliver liked opening the toy gifts but when it came to the clothes I bought him - he was not interested !! He so needed clothes as he is out growing the ones he has.

This is his favourite toy. It is almost as tall as him !! LOL It is a Thomas the Tank Engine Sodor Mining Co.

Here is the little fella eating his yorshire pudding. He ate nothing else for lunch.

He had a great day and enjoyed playing with his toys.


Monday, 24 December 2007


I opened the blinds this morning to fog. Okay, I thought, it will clear. No, the fog stayed around all day.

Not a nice day to go outside and being a Sunday, I am not going anywhere near the shops. I will have to go tomorrow as Oliver hasn't had his photo with Santa yet. It suddenly dawned on me on Wednesday night that I have run out of days for the photo. Oliver spends the day at his grand parents on Thursday's and Friday's he is at nursery. The weekend was out due to it being the last weekend before Christmas so the photo will have to be tomorrow - Christmas Eve !! Wish me luck.


Merry Christmas

Our little family wanted to wish everybody who reads this blog a very Happy Christmas.

Here is cheeky photo of my little angel, Oliver.

Here is the family all together.

Happy Holidays.


Saturday, 22 December 2007

Oliver's Art

I let Oliver do some stamping tonight. He had 2 stamps and a black ink pad.
I put his painting apron on and lucky I did as he got ink on it. He had a absolute ball stamping but he didn't like it when I told him it was time to clean up as my dinner was ready.
Hope you like it.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Trip to the doctor

I took Oliver to the doctor today. Poor little thing has a temperature, doesn't want to eat and has also been sick so off to the doctor we went. Oliver burst into tears when we entered the doctor's room but he soon settled down. He was really quite warm and the nurofen wasn't working in getting his temperature down. Thirty minutes later, we had his antibiotics (he loves his yellow medicine !). His 'yellow' medicine is the only one we have had no problem him taking. He has never liked taking medicine (calpol & nurofen were the worst). Now, he will take his medicine because 'it makes him feel better'!


Monday, 17 December 2007

No More Swimming

Today is Oliver's last swimming lesson. We decided not to send him for another term as he isn't happy at the new site. It won't be too long before we move to Sydney so once we get there I will sign him up for lessons again. There is a pool withing walking distance from my parents house.

Oliver is eating again today - he has been unwell all week with a very bad cold and I think he also had tonsillitis which is why he didn't want to eat - not even his tomato soup. He ever so graciously gave me his cold so I have also been unwell since Wednesday. What a pair we make !!


Only 9 more sleeps until Santa visits Oliver !! LOL

Friday, 14 December 2007

Christmas Decorations

I thought I would post some photos of our Christmas decorations.

As you can see, our tree is only small but next year we will have a decent sized tree.

You can see the star much better in this shot but I was taking a photo of the candles.
This is the view out our front window. The photos are l-r: Nanny with Oliver and Karen, Steve with baby Hannah (who is now 2).

These photos are l-r: Janine, Sheldon and their twin boys, Matthew & Dylan then there is Poppy with Oliver.

...more decorations

These two are really funny. When you press the button on their leg they start singing and their legs swing from left to right. Oliver loves pressing one straight after the other.

I took this photo without the flash as you can see the lights better. The next photo is a close up of each light. This is the arch way leading into our kitchen.

It's Santa !!

I really like this vine as it has lights and it looks really pretty - I just wish it was a bit longer.


Monday, 10 December 2007

Christmas Spirit

Oliver seems to be getting into the Christmas Spirit - at least with his stickers. He went to a party yesterday and each child got a goodie bag. In the bag were stickers which he proudly stuck all over his face. I finally found the lights for the tree today (hidden amongst the tinsel!) so I was able to decorate our tree. I put a couple of things on the tree but I didn't want to go too far until the light went on. It now feels like Christmas in our house. I shall take a photo tomorrow to show you.

With Oliver's birthday being the 1st December, I don't feel that I should start Christmas until after that - at least while he is so young and doesn't understand, maybe when he is older it won't bother him but I will leave it up to him - it is his special day after all !!

Look at those BIG BLUE eyes !! Aren't they adorable. He has his Scooby Doo pj's on too !

Are we all counting down 'til Christmas??


Thursday, 6 December 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away

It is absolutely pouring with rain today and it is very windy. I am supposed to go out grocery shopping but I think dinner might have to be what ever is in the cupboards !!!

Rob had his work drinks last night and stayed at a local hotel near to his work. As he was drinking and it would take an hour to get home, it was better he stay at the hotel. His mate and co-worker Simon stayed at the same hotel.

Oliver asked his daddy when he called if he was 'drunk' yet (with my promtping of course !! LOL), Rob laughed and said not yet !!

No photos today - someone is not in the best of moods but he will be after a nap (fingers crossed) !!


Wednesday, 5 December 2007

100 Posts

WOW - I have posted 100 posts. Who knew I had so much to say !!! LOL

Of course it helped that I posted my cards on here too but don't forget that I have another blog for all my craft related projects Krafty Kylie. Go and check it out.


Something Funny

I just have to tell you something that Oliver says nearly every morning..........

"Mummy, it's morning!"

He almost sings it - it is really funny. Who needs an alarm clock when you have this little cheeky 3 year old !! LOL


Sunday, 2 December 2007

Good News

This is Neill & Kath visiting us for Oliver's birthday. Neill was our best man at our wedding. They had another reason for seeing us.....they are expecting a baby !!! OMG !! CONGRATULATIONS GUYS !!!

For those of you that have seen Oliver's Thomas the Tank Engine collection, it is ALL Neill & Kath's fault !! Truly. They gave him his first set for last years birthday.

Oliver loves Neill throwing him up into the air - he didn't stop laughing.


Oliver's 3rd Birthday

Yay, Oliver is three today !!

He woke up to find his presents waiting for him in the lounge room.

This is what he got from Rob and I and amongst them is a present from the Watson's in Germany. Thanks Jill, Martin & Luke !!

Does anyone think that Oliver likes Thoms The Tank Engine??? LOL. As well as Scooby Doo !!

This is Oliver in action at his Manic Monsters party with his friends. There were 7 other kids to help him celebrate. He loved it.

As I took his original cake to nursery yesterday, I had to go out and buy a second one but I couldn't get a "Pirate" cake so he got a different Scooby cake instead.

Everybody meet Pirate Oliver !! He is saying 'cheese' with the biggest grin ever. LOL.

When asked if he had a good day, he said "Oh yes!"


Saturday, 1 December 2007

Cake at Nursery

I took a cake to nursery for Oliver today to share with his friends.

He was so excited as the cake had Scooby Doo on it.

Here he is trying to blow out the candles (without success) with Vanessa his key carer helping him.

My little boy turns 3 tomorrow. He understands what is happening and when you ask how old he is turning, he will tell you FREE - he hasn't quite got the "th" happening so they come out as "f". Bless him!