Sunday, 2 December 2007

Oliver's 3rd Birthday

Yay, Oliver is three today !!

He woke up to find his presents waiting for him in the lounge room.

This is what he got from Rob and I and amongst them is a present from the Watson's in Germany. Thanks Jill, Martin & Luke !!

Does anyone think that Oliver likes Thoms The Tank Engine??? LOL. As well as Scooby Doo !!

This is Oliver in action at his Manic Monsters party with his friends. There were 7 other kids to help him celebrate. He loved it.

As I took his original cake to nursery yesterday, I had to go out and buy a second one but I couldn't get a "Pirate" cake so he got a different Scooby cake instead.

Everybody meet Pirate Oliver !! He is saying 'cheese' with the biggest grin ever. LOL.

When asked if he had a good day, he said "Oh yes!"


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