Saturday, 29 March 2008

Breakfast Time

It is scrambled eggs !! Another new thing he is eating. We had tried him on eggs before but he refused to eat them. Now that he has his spiderman stamp for his toast (it is a plastic stamp which you press down on the fresh bread and then toast it) he is always asking for toast !!

Oliver is now willing to try new things now. Before he just refused. Whoo hoo !!


English Oliver

I just had to post this photo of Oliver. This is first thing in the morning and it is a little on the brrrrr side and I didn't want Oliver to get cold feet so I asked him to put some socks on. This is what he did. What makes it look even funnier is that he has summer pj's on with his socks pulled up - very 'English'.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Look At This

Here is the proof. Can you tell by my posts that I am excited and happy that Oliver is finally eating properly.

We told him that Brocolli will give him muscles and make him strong. Carrots are good for his eyes but he is not really wanting to eat the corn (only a mouthful, maybe two) AND can you see the chicken dippers cut up on his plate ?? Yes, he loves to eat them too now.

In action shot.

"Yay, I finished my dinner and look at what I get to eat now!! "


Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Another Small Victory

I don't have any photos of Oliver eating today but this morning he ate scrambles eggs on toast and while the other night he didn't want to try the chicken nuggets, he ate two of them for dinner tonight. There has to be tomato sauce on his plate but who cares, as long as he is trying new things - we are happy. Whoo Hoo !!!!!


Fun Fair

I wanted to show you what Oliver and his dad put together. This is what Oliver got for Christmas.


Monday, 24 March 2008

Coffee Please

Rob (or should I say Oliver!) bought me a coffee machine for Christmas even though I drink more tea than coffee. Oliver likes to make our coffee for us. He sits on the bench and puts the milk in the machine and then pushes the lever across to fill the cup. He then takes out the milk and replaces it with the coffee and does the same thing. It is so funny to watch him do it. I should video it and let you see him in action. LOL


Friday, 21 March 2008

Unofficially - I've done it !

Yes, I went to another of my exercise classes last night and got on the scales to see my progress and since Monday's weigh in, I've 2 1/2 pounds !! That means, I've now lost just over 2 stone in total !! YIPPPPEEEEE !!!
Unfortunately, because Easter Monday is a public holiday, there is no exercise class or weigh in so I will have to wait another week before I get my 2 stone certificate. Boo hoo.

Little Steps.......

OMG!!! Olive is eating vegetables. Yes, we have decided to take drastic actions - not really but we are taking a different approach to get Oliver to eat like a 3 year old should eat.

So far so good. Even though Rob is putting the food in his mouth, he is eating it and not saying 'no'.

We spoke to our health visitor about his eating as he is not getting enough vitamins and goodness in what he is eating. She suggested the different approach and that she would like to weigh him to see where he is on the scale of things. If he was underweight, she would refer us to a nutritionist. He is not under-weight by any means so I am not concerned there. But it would be nice to go out and order something from the menu for Oliver instead of hoping he might eat chips or garlic bread. We went our for a curry a few weeks back and Oliver loved eating poppadoms, but that is all he ate. He refused to try anything and I think we gave in too easily. We have always not given him anything else to eat if he doesn't eat his food but there was always milk for him to fill up on !! Now he is not having milk at night but he is filling up on flavoured milk during the day !! Oh, what to do !! LOL He has been to bed 3 nights without eating his dinner so he has been very hungry when he wakes up in the morning. After 3 days, the picture above is what happened. Little steps.


Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Look at me Mummy !

This is Oliver's inventive way of taking his track out of his box, piece by piece. That is until he got bored of it !! LOL You can see the track he has already put together and his trains. How he loves his Thomas The Tank Engine set.

Here he is in action (sorry it is blurry). You can just make out the track between his toes - yes, it is between his toes !! LOL


Thursday, 13 March 2008

Scalextric Boys !

I tried to post this on Sunday but an error kept coming up so I thought I'd wait a couple of days and try again.

So here we are. Oliver is looking on while Rob is putting the track together. Rob bought this track (for Oliver!!) when I was pregnant and before we even knew that we were having a boy !! He used to have a set when he was young so I think he is re-living his childhood. LOL He had to test it out as soon as we bought it and then our friend's bought a set so with the two sets combined it made for a mighty track which the two boys (um, men) had a ball with.

Now that Oliver is old enough, this is the first time that the two of them have played together and Oliver got the hang of it really quickly.

Oliver wanted to pose for the camera so while Rob was finishing off putting the accessories on the track, Oliver sat in the middle - "strike a pose".
Here is Oliver in action. He loves his 'yellow' BMW Mini. There is a red Mini too but he only wants to use the yellow one.

He actually has the control upside down with the lever on top and he is using his thumb to make the car go.

He gets all excited and starts shouting 'Look at my car go'.

I think we have a winner here!! LOL

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sore Eyebrows !

Oliver woke up saying his throat was sore this morning - oh no !! Tonsillitis ??

He is already taking antibiotics (got them on Friday) so they should help him get better.

He decided to lay on the couch with his blanket and water by his side, so we put on some cartoons for him.

I also gave him some nurofen for his temperature. Poor thing !!

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Chocolate Crackles

I have had the ingredients for chocolate crackles for weeks and just haven't been able to make them.

It was going to involve Oliver as a treat for him. He loves eating chocolate and Rice Bubbles for breakfast so I know he will like the two of them together.

Here he is mixing the two ingredients together. After a couple of minutes, he had had enough of mixing !!

I thin he liked licking the bowl, well actually the spoon and I am surprised he didn't lick the bowl.
I saw the chocolate all over his face and just had to take a photo. I'm sure this kid had ants in his pants as he just cannot stank or sit still. BTW - I didn't teach him or even tell him to do that with his thumb. That was his own idea !! LOL

He even has chocolate on his nose !


Monday, 3 March 2008

DIY Oliver

Here is DIY Oliver !! LOL

The handle on our toilet kept slipping so Rob went out today and bought a new one. As we live in a 3 storey townhouse, our bedrooms and bathroom are on the top floor so for some reason when I go upstairs, Oliver has to follow me. This is what he did with Rob so he helped Rob change the handle as well.

He was so proud of himself.