Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sore Eyebrows !

Oliver woke up saying his throat was sore this morning - oh no !! Tonsillitis ??

He is already taking antibiotics (got them on Friday) so they should help him get better.

He decided to lay on the couch with his blanket and water by his side, so we put on some cartoons for him.

I also gave him some nurofen for his temperature. Poor thing !!

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Nicole & Phil said...

I hope you are feeling better soon eyebrows hurt sometimes too....and it isn't nice! Luckyily you have a great mum and dad who will help you feel better!
I love your bike too...and I can't wait to see you ride around on it!
So, get those eyebrows better so you can ride on your bike!
P.S. Ask mummy about making Honey Joys...they are really easy to make, and very yummy! Also choclate balls are terrific too. If mummy needs some recipes, she just has to ask me!
xxx ;)