Thursday, 27 November 2008

Liz & Mark's Wedding

Sasha and Katie are two of the people I used to live with when I moved to the UK back in 2000. It was great to catch up with them again.

How spectacular is that view (not of me!). It was a little overcast and according to the photographer, the best kind of day to take photos. The red dress I bought especially for the wedding and it is a size 10! Woo hoo.
I had to borrow the wrap as it was a little chilly outside. I didn't have anything appropriate to wear as it was in our container.

One of the rare occasions Rob and I have a photo together. It was a little strange not to have Oliver with us as where ever we go, he goes! LOL. Nanny and Poppy were in charge of getting Oliver to sleep tonight.
Liz and her Dad walking towards the groom (Mark). I also lived with Liz and Mark in the UK. We had such a great time together.

The happy couple saying their vows.
Congratulations Lix & Mark. I'm so happy I was apart of your special day! xxx

Friday, 21 November 2008

Light Up Camden

Have a look at Oliver - chatting the girl up! LOL. He cannot just sit there and enjoy the ride, he has to talk to whoever is near.

One of his favourites things to be on is the jumpy castle or dinosaur in this case. He just runs from side to side with the other kids, laughing away.

We managed to eat at the pub restaurant. I have no idea what Oliver is doing here! LOL

On the tea cups, sharing his cup with 2 girls!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Pre-School for Oliver

OMG - how does time fly like it does??

We took Oliver to a pre-school today to have a look around as he will be going next year and then big school (kindergarten) the year after. I must tell you that this has come around far toooo quickly for my liking! LOL Anyway, we already know good things about this pre-school as our friends twins go there but we wanted to have a look around and ask any questions we had.

Naturally, Oliver helped himself to they toys and was playing while we were chatting away. Then, when it was time to leave, Oliver didn't want to. LOL He was upset and wanted to go back again tomorrow! He wasn't impressed that we said it was next year.

Sunday, 2 November 2008


I decided to have a halloween party the week after we arrived so Oliver could meet and play with my friends kids and also so Rob and I could get together with them. Kind of an all in one go thing. Much easier than having to do something every week plus as we are staying at mum & dad's house, it is a little different.

I made these halloween cards for the kids from Oliver. I think they were a hit.

This was such fun (and hard work) to make. I bought some colouring from the supermarket so I really was limited in what colour everything was going to be. I borrowed a cake book from Karen and went to work.
Everyone loved my spider cake and it was the very first time I have ever made a cake like this. As Oliver is older now, I think I will do something each year for his birthday - that is until he starts telling me "he is too old for 'kids' cakes mum". Please let that be a few years away!! *sob*