Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Thomas Bed

Oliver went to bed with his new Thomas sheets.

Daddy (not quite fitting in the bed) reads him a story. Oliver knows practically every word in his books now so if Rob stops at any point, Oliver continues! It is really funny to hear as it looks like he is actually reading it. We will have to buy some new books when he starts to read so then I know he is just memorising the words but reading for himself!

Had to throw this picture in too. Do you like his yeti slippers?? They are from Disney World Florida when we went there last year. He remembered he had them and has been wearing them all afternoon.


New Bed

Sorry for not blogging much lately, we really haven't been doing anything worth taking photos of. I am pleased to say that Oliver's eating is going well. He is definitely growing as his clothes are getting short on him so all that goodness from his vegetables is working! LOL

No more news on the visa front. A couple of things to get before the process can officially start. Once it is under way, it should be 8-10 weeks before it is approved.

A trip to IKEA was in order today to buy a new bed for Oliver. His bedroom furniture is white so I really wanted to keep everything white but alas, this particular bed only comes in blue and pink! So, BLUE it was! Oliver started to help us put the bed together but got distracted by his toys (which was a good thing!) so this is where we were up to when he payed us another visit.

This is no trousers Oliver! Yes, while out today in the pouring rain, between the car and the entry doors to IKEA, Oliver found every puddle possible and jumped in it. His trousers were soaked! But first he had to walk around and around and around the shop before we decided on which bed to get.

After buying the bed, we then needed to buy Oliver his very own dooner as his quilt is too small (for the bed). We also bought some covers but they are in the wash as I type so I will post again later when the bed is complete.

Can anyone guess what is on his covers?? I bet you can!


Sunday, 18 May 2008

Funny Photo

Do you like Oliver's new house?? LOL I don't know where the idea came from but he loves to make his house (from a blanket) when he has a sleep. Can you see his little legs sticking out the bottom!

Here he is! Aaawwww! Isn't he cute! And quiet and peaceful.......!


Saturday, 10 May 2008

Thomas Land

Oh yes, there is a Thomas Land!! It is very new and only opened in March. It is part of Drayton Manor Theme Park.

Oliver just loves Thomas so naturally, there had to be a photo with him. We even went on the Thomas train tide with Annie and Clarabel the coaches which Thomas pulls.

This is Knapford station where Thomas pulls in to pick up his passengers. You truly felt you were at a real station.

Oh my!!! THIS is Oliver's first ever roller coaster ride. This one is with the Troublesome Trucks. We all went on it the first time and he didn't seem too keen on going again but just look at him in this photo - he LOVED it! LOL. In the end both Rob and Oliver went on it 4 times.

This ride is Cranky the Crane. That little blop on the right is Oliver! LOL You can hardly see him and he just made the height restrictions. I sooooo did not think he would like this one (this is my kind of ride). I actually took some video footage so if I can, I will upload it so you can see it.

The ride goes up and down and you feel like you will lose your lunch but Oliver was giggling and squealing the whole time. They went on this 3 times in a row. The first time I watched and laughed at Oliver laughing, then the next time I took these shots and the third time I took the video.

Oliver got to shake hands with the Fat Controller (Sir Topam Hat). His wife was also wondering around too.

This is Toby and one of the trains gets out to play with at home.

This train is Mavis. I think Oliver now says her name correctly but he used to pronounce it Mabis. He just couldn't get his tongue around "v's".

This boat is 'Bullstrode'. This ride and the Troublesome Trucks were to two he kept asking to go on later on in the day.

This is Jeremy! Another ride he liked.


Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Play Time

It was such a lovely day today that we took Oliver to the park just around the corner from our house.

How grown up does he look on his bike! He LOVES to ride his bike.

Here he is riding in the play ground (we were the only one's there so it was a good opportunity for him to ride his bike). At one point, Rob was chasing after him and Oliver was trying to pedal faster but couldn't because he was laughing so much.

You can see where he parked his bike - he didn't even take off his helmet to play on the play centre.

Here he is getting a push from daddy! He kept saying to Rob 'higher daddy!'


Monday, 5 May 2008

Where's Oliver?

It is my MIL's birthday tomorrow and it is very difficult to buy something for someone who has everything. We ended up getting a photo frame and putting one of these pictures in it. That is why Oliver has bubbles all over him - plus he loves it! Just look at that face!

If I didn't know any better, I would think that Oliver likes having his photo taken! LOL.


Sunday, 4 May 2008

Cooking Time

It was baking day today! Oliver and I made some some chocolate cup cakes at the beginning of the week (forgot to photograph them) so it was daddy's turn to cook.

As Oliver loves to watch Tom & Jerry, we thought he would like to bake them too! LOL They are strawberry flavoured with, you guessed it - strawberry icing! Talk about OD'ing on strawberry.

Here is Tom up close. It is rice paper with the pictures printed on it.
Here is Jerry! Rob got a bit carried away with the icing and instead of adding tsp of water, he added Tbsp so luckily I had some icing sugar in the cupboard and added that to thicken. It is still too runny (as you can see by how the icing went on) but Oliver didn't care!

This is also what they cooked. They are cheesy bread animals. L-R: turtle, dinosaur & pig. Apparently there was also a car and a smiley face. They ate the smiley face (because they could!) but the car was rubbish so Rob ate that before I could take a photo.