Monday, 29 September 2008


Helena took me out for lunch today with a couple of other ladies who help out at her classes. We went to Chapter One in Orpington and it was lovely.

I got on the scales tonight and it was not good! LOL I blame the lunch! *wink*

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Moving Quote

Today we had a quote from a moving company. Our original movers may not be able to do it so I need a back up in case.

Bourne's rep was really nice and friendly and we were both happy with what he was telling us. He is also saying that it is no problem at all to move us with short notice. Phew!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Normandie, France - Day 4

Our last day in Brehal and we went to the beach. Not exactly swimming weather but the sun was shining so off we went.

Oliver loved playing in the water and even fell over on his bottom! His bottom was wet but he kept on playing. LOL

He ate most of this ice cream and his face was covered in it. LOL. See the bruise on his forehead? This is what happens when your son has two left feet!!

There was a supermarket just down the road and they had trolley's for kids. Every time we went there, he had to take a trolley around the shop. LOL
Our journey back to England was much better then the one over. The ferry was smoother so I wasn't ill and we made it in pretty good time.
I would highly recommend Brehal to anyone wanting to visit France.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Normandie, France - Day 3

Today we went to Mont Saint-Michele.

Here is a view from the monastery. It was fabulous but it was also very windy and rained for a bit. By the time we climbed the stairs to get to this point we were hot and took our coats off to cool down.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Normadie, France - Day 2

It was a miserable morning with rain but we decided to still go out to Champrepus Zoo. I wasn't sure what to expect but I must say, I was thoroughly surprised. They had 2 parts to the zoo which was separated by the main road!! One side was a kiddy part where the little ones could pat the animals. As you can see with this photo, they had a fake cow which you could milk. Oliver went straight up to it and pulled on a teat!! LOL I think he has done this before! *wink*

As you can see it is still raining but only ever so slightly now. This bridge takes you to and from the main entrance and this is us leaving the kiddy part to go to the main part of the zoo.

The zoo also had a play area for the kids with a great big ball pit. Here Oliver is jumping in by himself but later on daddy and grandad threw him in too!! He loved it.

The slide was wet, but Oliver didn't care! He slid down and had a wet bottom and proudly showed it to us with a little wiggle.

There were two jumpy castles but this one was covered so we said he could play on it. He basically had the whole place to himself - there were no other kids about. I guess it helped that it was a Thursday so school was in.

Normadie, France - Day 2......continued

So, as we went to the zoo, I'd better show you some of the animals we saw!! LOL

Mr Tiger.

Mr Chimpanzee.

Mr Lemur.

Mr & Mrs Giraffe - actually, I don't know if they are both boys or one of each! LOL I didn't take that close a look!
And Mr Lion.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Normadie, France - Day 1

This was our ferry ride across from Portsmouth to Cherbourg, France. I have only ever been sick once on the water but for whatever reason today, I was not well. I have a funny feeling it was to do with the croissant I ate (as we didn't have breakfast) after boarding the ferry. Their was a plain one and a chocolate one - I stupidly ate the chocolate one as well and I knew after the first mouthful, that I shouldn't.

We arrived in Brehal just after lunch time after getting up at 5am, UK time to catch our ferry across. It was a lovely day and even better in the sunshine. We took Oliver bike with us as we knew there would be plenty of room for him to ride it. He is very good with his helmet too and always asks to put it on when he knows he is going out on his bike.

What a cheeky grin! He is actually saying 'cheese' !! LOL This was after his bike ride and had a well deserved drink of water.

This is the cottage we stayed at.

Here is Dennis trying to read Oliver his bed time story!! I say 'try'. The lounge room was directly below out bedroom so you could hear everything that was going on!! LOL I think it took Dennis twice as long to read this book than normal!!

I ended up lying down with Oliver and promptly fell asleep with him. It was only early but I certainly needed an early night.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Brother's Birthday

My little brother, well he is not so little anymore, is having a birthday today!


I went with the same stamp set as yesterday's father's day card and as there are 6 stamps in the set, I just used a different tree.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day dad!!

This is the card I gave to dad this year.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Cornwall - part 4

This is our last day here in Cornwall with Tricia and Paul.

Just a few more photos of the inside of their house. Clearly this is their lounge room. Ignore the white cushions - Tricia spilt red wine on the one she was sitting on so it went in the wash. Then she thought she better wash the rest of them so they all looked the same. LOL

This is the other side of the lounge room where Paul plays his piano.

Here he is keeping quiet watching television.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Cornwall - part 3

This was our trip to Boscastle. Right where Tricia and Oliver are standing was under water when the floods hit a couple of years ago. You can see the digger in the background still doing some work.

The two boys together. If you are wondering where I am - behind the camera of course!

Have a look at this face! He usually smiles when the camera comes out and on a couple of occasions he has asked me to take a photo of him! Oh bless him!!

The gang on the bridge, a brand new bridge.

Cornwall - part 3...continued

Here is Tricia in her lovely HUGE kitchen area. I so did not want to leave their house. I always love visiting them.

Tricia is reading Oliver a story and after this one it was time for bed so she went up and read to him another story. She tried missing some pages to finish quicker but Oliver was onto her. He kept saying "No, no, no, you missed a page". He doesn't miss a trick! LOL

I just had to show this photo - obviously a funny moment!!