Sunday, 14 September 2008

Normandie, France - Day 4

Our last day in Brehal and we went to the beach. Not exactly swimming weather but the sun was shining so off we went.

Oliver loved playing in the water and even fell over on his bottom! His bottom was wet but he kept on playing. LOL

He ate most of this ice cream and his face was covered in it. LOL. See the bruise on his forehead? This is what happens when your son has two left feet!!

There was a supermarket just down the road and they had trolley's for kids. Every time we went there, he had to take a trolley around the shop. LOL
Our journey back to England was much better then the one over. The ferry was smoother so I wasn't ill and we made it in pretty good time.
I would highly recommend Brehal to anyone wanting to visit France.

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