Thursday, 11 September 2008

Normadie, France - Day 1

This was our ferry ride across from Portsmouth to Cherbourg, France. I have only ever been sick once on the water but for whatever reason today, I was not well. I have a funny feeling it was to do with the croissant I ate (as we didn't have breakfast) after boarding the ferry. Their was a plain one and a chocolate one - I stupidly ate the chocolate one as well and I knew after the first mouthful, that I shouldn't.

We arrived in Brehal just after lunch time after getting up at 5am, UK time to catch our ferry across. It was a lovely day and even better in the sunshine. We took Oliver bike with us as we knew there would be plenty of room for him to ride it. He is very good with his helmet too and always asks to put it on when he knows he is going out on his bike.

What a cheeky grin! He is actually saying 'cheese' !! LOL This was after his bike ride and had a well deserved drink of water.

This is the cottage we stayed at.

Here is Dennis trying to read Oliver his bed time story!! I say 'try'. The lounge room was directly below out bedroom so you could hear everything that was going on!! LOL I think it took Dennis twice as long to read this book than normal!!

I ended up lying down with Oliver and promptly fell asleep with him. It was only early but I certainly needed an early night.

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