Sunday, 17 February 2008

Oliver and his Bike !

This clip is 13 minutes long so go grab a cuppa or just stop when you have had enough !! LOL P.S. - There is a crash towards the end.

I thought it might be good to post a clip of Oliver learning to ride his new bike. This was taken at my in-laws house as their driveway is level where as our street isn't. I must warn you that he wasn't very happy and needed a sleep plus, he likes to do things himself !!

I am sorry about the quality of the video - Rob is trying to fix it. Probably doesn't help that it is not the original. It is just funny listening to Oliver speak and when he get's excited, his voice goes up a notch and pitch !! Plus he doesn't stop talking.


Tuesday, 12 February 2008

I Can Do It !!

This is Oliver's present for eating or at least trying his dinner Saturday night - A BIKE !!!

He absolutely loves it. He needs help going up our road - it has a small incline so it is a little hard for him to pedal by himself. He picked his helmet out (Thomas the Tank Engine - of course!!).

Here is an action shot. We took him around the block a couple of times. It didn't take him long to pick it up or pick up speed !! "Look at me, I going fast" he would say while either Rob or myself were holding onto his jacket holding him back. We did have to run a couple of times to keep up with him. LOL


Sunday, 10 February 2008

A Good Night

Rob cooked his famous Roast Dinner tonight and guess who ate some - OLIVER !!!!

Yes, he actually ate some vegetables and pork. I told him it was turkey because I know he ate turkey sandwich at nursery yesterday. There was no problem getting him to eat yorkshire puddings though. We did have to bribe him. It looks like a trip to Toys R Us tomorrow !! LOL That's good because I want to go to IKEA to buy another storage unit for Oliver's room.......and if I can, my craft table. If you click on the link, have a closer look at it. The table has a glass top which site a few inches above the wooden table top. I can store my paper trimmer and other bits and pieces which I would use everyday for easy access instead of cluttering up my table.


Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Papertrey Ink Apprentice

As most of you know, I started another blog purely for all my crafting called Krafty Kylie. I'm not very imaginative when it comes to picking names !! LOL

Anyway, there is a company called Papertrey Ink (I have bought a number of their stamps) and on the 15th of each month they release brand new stamp sets. The three ladies behind PTI are Nichole, Julie & Jane. Nichole Heady has her own blog and they had a contest (you need to scroll down to "Papertrey Apprentice Contest!"). If you don't want to here is what Nichole wrote:

The winner will get to assist me in designing a stamp set which will be released during our April 15th, 2008 debut. We will have a concept meeting via phone or email, to discuss what types of things you would like included in the set, the theme of the images, or even any fonts you would like to see used.

---> I will then design the set according to your specifications. You will be the FIRST to see the rough drafts & final copies! You will be involved in every step of the process!

--->Your name will be included in the promotion & packaging of the stamp set!

--->You will receive the first copy of the set, hot off the presses, before anyone else!

Guess what ???...........I WON !!! See Nichole's Post HERE !! I am so excited and nervous at the same time. Another thing, when the stamp set is released it will be just days before my birthday so what a brilliant birthday present.

I cannot thank Nichole, Julie & Jane enough for this opportunity. I'm not entirely sure what in is store for me but I look forward to it as it can only make me a better crafter.


My Eyebrow Hurts, Mummy !!

Poor Oliver woke up just after 2am this morning saying his 'eyebrows hurt' - meaning he has a headache. He sat with us in our bed and we gave him some calpol and he wanted me to rub his eyebrow. He wouldn't settle and when we turned our bedside light on, his right eye was stuck together. OMG !!! I grabbed some wet cotton balls and wiped his eye so he could open it. He was quite happy that he could see again and ended up sleeping with us all night. Not something I like him doing - only because I wake up with a sore neck and a headache all day long !!

Anyway, I got him into see a doctor and he had conjuctivitis. He now has cream which I have to put in his eye (he doesn't like this at all!!). He is not allowed to go to nursery tomorrow so I said we can make some chocolate crackles (Rice Bubbles or Rice Krispies covered in chocolate). That will cheer him up.


Sunday, 3 February 2008

Oliver at work and play !

You know how some people have a feature wall (we do) well we also had a feature ceiling !! LOL. Our bathroom had a very slow leak (which we didn't know about) until one day I looked up and the ceiling in our lounge room to discover a crack. We didn't think much of it but the crack got bigger and bigger. Anyway, our neighbour is a plasterer so he came and fixed it for us. We also thought we fixed the leak - NOT !!!! The new plaster was getting wet so we didn't bother painting the ceiling until we knew for sure the problem was fixed. To cut the story short, the IDIOT!!! who put the shower unit in and tiled (can you tell I am mad?) didn't adhere the tiles to plaster but to wood (the space had previously been where the boiler sat). Therefore the grouting was coming loose and the water was leaking through the gaps. I did mention the grouting problem to Rob and his Dad but was knocked down in flames - what would I know !!! Well guess what ???? IT WAS THE GROUTING that was causing the leak. After Dennis (rob's dad) re-tiled the bottom half of the shower and re-grouted - the leak was NO MORE. Yay. So today Rob decided to finally paint the ceiling white again. Oliver wanted to have a go so here he is on Rob's shoulder's - he only just reached.

The boys got the Thomas The Tank Engine set out this morning to play with. Rob put it together for Oliver. The two bigger pieces Oliver got for Christmas.

The one that Oliver is holding onto is called the Mining Co. and Christmas day, this is all he played with. He loves it. It makes noises when you push the trains around in certain spots.