Sunday, 17 February 2008

Oliver and his Bike !

This clip is 13 minutes long so go grab a cuppa or just stop when you have had enough !! LOL P.S. - There is a crash towards the end.

I thought it might be good to post a clip of Oliver learning to ride his new bike. This was taken at my in-laws house as their driveway is level where as our street isn't. I must warn you that he wasn't very happy and needed a sleep plus, he likes to do things himself !!

I am sorry about the quality of the video - Rob is trying to fix it. Probably doesn't help that it is not the original. It is just funny listening to Oliver speak and when he get's excited, his voice goes up a notch and pitch !! Plus he doesn't stop talking.


1 comment:

Nicole & Phil said...

ohh...kylie, that is hilarious!
I love the extra bit at the end when he says "no camera"
cute little pommie accent there! ;)
I love the independence when they are trying to learn to ride bikes! "I'm going backwards" and "i'm stuck"..I remember hearing that lots! lol
Now..I have trouble keeping up with them!
Why is Rob wearing shorts in February???? lol