Tuesday, 27 May 2008

New Bed

Sorry for not blogging much lately, we really haven't been doing anything worth taking photos of. I am pleased to say that Oliver's eating is going well. He is definitely growing as his clothes are getting short on him so all that goodness from his vegetables is working! LOL

No more news on the visa front. A couple of things to get before the process can officially start. Once it is under way, it should be 8-10 weeks before it is approved.

A trip to IKEA was in order today to buy a new bed for Oliver. His bedroom furniture is white so I really wanted to keep everything white but alas, this particular bed only comes in blue and pink! So, BLUE it was! Oliver started to help us put the bed together but got distracted by his toys (which was a good thing!) so this is where we were up to when he payed us another visit.

This is no trousers Oliver! Yes, while out today in the pouring rain, between the car and the entry doors to IKEA, Oliver found every puddle possible and jumped in it. His trousers were soaked! But first he had to walk around and around and around the shop before we decided on which bed to get.

After buying the bed, we then needed to buy Oliver his very own dooner as his quilt is too small (for the bed). We also bought some covers but they are in the wash as I type so I will post again later when the bed is complete.

Can anyone guess what is on his covers?? I bet you can!


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