Sunday, 2 November 2008


I decided to have a halloween party the week after we arrived so Oliver could meet and play with my friends kids and also so Rob and I could get together with them. Kind of an all in one go thing. Much easier than having to do something every week plus as we are staying at mum & dad's house, it is a little different.

I made these halloween cards for the kids from Oliver. I think they were a hit.

This was such fun (and hard work) to make. I bought some colouring from the supermarket so I really was limited in what colour everything was going to be. I borrowed a cake book from Karen and went to work.
Everyone loved my spider cake and it was the very first time I have ever made a cake like this. As Oliver is older now, I think I will do something each year for his birthday - that is until he starts telling me "he is too old for 'kids' cakes mum". Please let that be a few years away!! *sob*

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