Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Look At This

Here is the proof. Can you tell by my posts that I am excited and happy that Oliver is finally eating properly.

We told him that Brocolli will give him muscles and make him strong. Carrots are good for his eyes but he is not really wanting to eat the corn (only a mouthful, maybe two) AND can you see the chicken dippers cut up on his plate ?? Yes, he loves to eat them too now.

In action shot.

"Yay, I finished my dinner and look at what I get to eat now!! "


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Nicole & Phil said...

great news...hopefully it will get easier, as he realises the food is OK!
He is not going to starve if he misses dinner for a few might make him realise that you won't give in, and he will remember how hungry he was if he didn't eat his dinner!
We did this with CAmeron, and even though the boys are 7 and 9, we still have the same rules, and they know that if they don't eat their dinner , there is nothing else..and they are OK with that....
keep at it, don't give in, it will all be worth it, and you will be able to go out to dinner and not just feed him bread! LOL