Monday, 10 December 2007

Christmas Spirit

Oliver seems to be getting into the Christmas Spirit - at least with his stickers. He went to a party yesterday and each child got a goodie bag. In the bag were stickers which he proudly stuck all over his face. I finally found the lights for the tree today (hidden amongst the tinsel!) so I was able to decorate our tree. I put a couple of things on the tree but I didn't want to go too far until the light went on. It now feels like Christmas in our house. I shall take a photo tomorrow to show you.

With Oliver's birthday being the 1st December, I don't feel that I should start Christmas until after that - at least while he is so young and doesn't understand, maybe when he is older it won't bother him but I will leave it up to him - it is his special day after all !!

Look at those BIG BLUE eyes !! Aren't they adorable. He has his Scooby Doo pj's on too !

Are we all counting down 'til Christmas??


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