Sunday, 15 June 2008

Watering The Plants

On Sunday (Father's Day in the UK) while I was on the phone to my parents, Rob took Oliver around to his parents house (they are on holiday) to water the plants that Dennis has been growing for the carnival which happens every 2 years. The last carnival, Oliver was part of a group (his Thursday play group) and they went as the 101 Dalmations.

It was quite a long walk around and as Oliver was only very young, he went around in Grandma's buggy.

Anyway, back to watering the plants! Apparently right after this photo was taken, Oliver turned the hose on Rob and soaked him!! ROFLOL (rolling on the floor, laughing out loud!).
As you can probably tell too, daddy dressed Oliver in whatever clothes were the nearest.


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Nicole & Phil said...

the best part of watering the garden is getting Daddy wet....I alwaysenjoy getting Phil with the hose, although he tends to get it off me and I end up being drenched! LOL
mmm....daddy's should not be allowed to dress their should always put the clothes out for him! LOL