Monday, 30 June 2008

Lipstick NOT Chapstick!

So here is Oliver today after finding my lipstick (somewhere) and putting it on like it was his chapstick !! LOL Isn't he beautiful ?!?!

Give him a few years and if he did this again, he won't want his photo taken - used as evidence against him at his 21st !! HA HA HA. Rob wanted to put him in a tutu, just for that reason! Cruel, but funny.

He is supposed to be in bed, but found a mirror and was talking to himself. That pile of clothes at his feet - I DID NOT PUT THEM THERE!!!!!! Guess what I will be folding up tomorrow.

As I like to post the date we do things and not as I go along, check back for older photos of Oliver I just haven't got around to posting (you will need to scroll back down to see them as these two are today's picture's).


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