Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Baby Ollie

No, not my Oliver but Bartholomew (Ollie).

This is little Ollie at only a few weeks old. Ollie and mummy Kath came over today for a visit but I forgot to take a photo. I will do next time. He is much bigger now and practically slept the whole time they were here (except for a feed!). As I am so used to Oliver's weight, little Ollie is so light but Kath can notice the difference in him. I remember carrying Oliver around and then not being able to carry him for too long because he was getting fat!! It was a beautiful 'fat' though!

This was the 'nappy cake' I made for them when we went to see Ollie for the first time (the photo above). I got this idea from a talented stamper in the USA.

This was the matching card I made to give to Neill & Kath.

BTW - Neill was our best man at our wedding.

Neill is on the left.


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