Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas Day

Here we are opening up our present on Christmas Morning. Michael and Laura stayed overnight to watch Oliver as this was our first Christmas together. Well, all of us in the same country as the same time! LOL. You can see the mass of discarded paper on the floor and Oliver went around handing out everyone's present to them - he also helped open the presents!

Dad got a golf putting thingy and so Oliver and Dad were playing golf. Don't ask me why Oliver had no trousers on - I cannot remember!

They're at it again. I'm not sure how Oliver managed to get dad's club and dad, Oliver's club?! They were having loads of fun anyway. LOL.

Oliver with another present - this one is his! It is a track for his Thomas set mum started for him. With this set, the trains run on batteries so Oliver will sit there and play telling everyone he is the fat controller! LOL

Here I am opening up a present - a DVD, got a few of those this year. Rob and I tend to focus on Oliver and give each other a couple of gifts each. It is so much fun seeing Oliver's face light up when he opens his gifts.

Speaking of him opening up a gift.

Now, there is a story behind this dinner. Are you ready for it..... Mum was up half the night being ill (she usually cooks Christmas lunch, with us helping), but she came down stairs to open up the gifts and then had to go back to bed (I think we told her to go), so seeing as Rob is the next best cook, he put Christmas lunch together. Obviously, we helped out where he wanted us to but he did a great job. Oh, I nearly forgot to tell you, the oven died only a few hours earlier!! Oh yes, we thought Christmas lunch was completely off the menu! Michael managed to fix the wiring and all was good - phew! By the time lunch went on the table, mum was feeling much better (we think she was faking it! LOL) so she joined us and managed to eat too.

Here is Oliver eating and his 'yorkshire puddings' which he cannot go without when having a roast. He just loves them.......and tomato sauce.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas wherever you are.

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