Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Oliver's 4th Birthday

Here is the birthday boy! Happy 4th Birthday my baby.

Opening up his presents was so much fun. There was paper everywhere.

As you can see, there are more Thomas The Tank Engine sets! Somehow, I don't think he will outgrow these - there will always be that little place in his heart for them no matter how old he is!
Here I am helping him or am I playing trains with him?! LOL

He is so proud of his trains and loves them. Look at that smile on his face he is so excited he got new sets to play with.
Wow, another new set to play with. Oh, his t-shirt says - Innocent Until Proven Guilty!
It was a treat for lunch - McDonald's! He had to bring along Busy Bee James to play with while he was eating, then it was onto the play area with some other children that happened to be there.
Time for a juice first.

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