Monday, 1 December 2008

Oliver's 4th Birthday Party

This year we went to Lollipop Playland & Cafe for Oliver's party. Too much hassle and clearing up to have it at home!

They have a dedicated room for eating the party food and cake and once you are done, the kids get to go back and play.

Here is the birthday boy sitting on his throne! LOL He didn't like sitting there so he ended up moving and sitting next to Hannah.

Here comes the food! There was plenty of it too so you know who helped themselves to the left overs!

Some of the parents enjoying themselves - can you see where my Dad is standing, he is leaning on the food cart!! LOL My brother has the video camera capturing all the going's on of the day.

Mmmmm, cake time! Believe it or not, I made this cake! Oh yes I did!!! LOL
We bought Oliver 2 new pieces for his Thomas The Tank Engine set and they are on the cake - the Fat Controller in his car and the brand new train called Stanley. He was so excited.
Food time is over, now it is time to play and play they kids did - for hours!!
Funny thing is, we were lucky to be here at all today. Oliver woke up and was not well. He managed to go back to sleep for an hour or two and then with the click of your finger he was back to his normal self. I have no idea what is was but we ended up changing the party time from 11am to 2pm so all we well in the end. Thank goodness.

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