Sunday, 31 August 2008

Cornwall - part 2

Seeing as Oliver didn't get a bath last night, he had one this morning! He laid down in the bubbles and when he sat up, this is what he looked like! LOL

This is Tricia and Paul's lovely house. We are staying in the room with the window open.

Their house is just gorgeous and Paul helped to build it. They aren't 100% finished and the front needs landscaping but the have done so much since we were last here.

Dinner time for Oliver and boy was he a grump today. He woke up early considering he didn't get to bed until very, very late so that naturally means grumpiness!!

We are all sitting down to a lovely meal while Oliver is running about - LOL. I'm not sure from the photo you can see just how big this table is. All I could think of was 'what a great craft table'!!
Paul loves to play his piano and Oliver wanted to join in too. Oliver is a two finger player and he did pretty well too.

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