Friday, 15 August 2008

Pond Swimming

.....and so it begins.......I think the time has come to say "Like Father, Like Son".

While Oliver was at his grandparents house today, he went for a little swim in the pond - by accident!! My FIL has Koi fish and Oliver normally helps feed them bread or if Dennis digs in the garden, worms! So today was the same routine feeding the fish except that Oliver went into the pond along with the bread! OMG! Now, when I say pond, I don't mean a small shallow one, but one that is shoulder height deep and 3m squared. Dennis was just about to jump in after him when Oliver resurfaced (those swimming lessons paid off!). He wasn't frightened at all - just cold.
When Rob arrived home with Oliver, he told Oliver to tell me what he had done today - I saw that he was in different clothing so I jokingly said "have you been for a swim in the pond!". I then caught sight of Rob face and his expression told me yes. LOL

So as my first line says "Like Father, Like Son" - Rob did the same thing when he was young.


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