Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Godstone Farm

These photos are from our day out to Godstone Farm. Vicky was taking Kyran and also the boys she is a nanny to here and wanted to know if we would like to go too.

So the first thing we saw were these gorgeous little chicks. The kids were allowed to sit and hold one. Here Oliver is stroking the sleeping chick. Truly, it slept the whole time he had it. Oliver wouldn't look into the camera for this shot.

Here is Oliver and Kyran standing in front of some goats!

Don't ask me what Oliver is doing with his hands!! LOL
Turkey anyone?!

This is where Oliver spent most of the afternoon. He absolutely love this enormous sand pit. He was literally kicking and screaming when I said we had to go home. I even walked off saying goodbye to him and he didn't look back for me. He was just happy to stay no matter what!

In the middle was a wooden play area. All the buckets and spades were provided so you didn't have to take a thing.

K .

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Nicole & Phil said...

what a great day......you can't beat a sand pit!!