Friday, 29 August 2008

Passport Is Back

Yes, Rob's passport has safely arrived back in the Swain household. I must say that the visa stamp isn't impressive - actually it is quite boring. It cost enough though! LOL

We are off to Cornwall tomorrow afternoon for a long weekend as tomorrow is Rob's last day at work so we will come home on Monday. We are visiting Oliver's godmother, Tricia and her husband, Paul. They built the most gorgeous house in Tintagel, Cornwall which is located in the south west of England. From their house you can see the ocean as they are so close to it. It really is beautiful as the sun is setting sitting in their front garden having a drink! This may be the last time we see them before we leave but they plan on visiting us next year (I think).

We met Tricia and Paul at our 'marriage preparation day' in the UK back in 2003. We hit it off instantly and became friends. Our first get-together resulted in Tricia pouring red wine over her white skirt, yes I said 'white' skirt but she was more worried about our table cloth!! LOL. I must ask her what happened to that skirt! Anyway, they thought they would never hear from us again! 5 years on, we are still friends and still have a great time together. Tricia was so pleased to be Oliver's godmother (my brother is his godfather).

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Nicole & Phil said...

that visa should be written in gold!
so, when is the big move?