Sunday, 3 August 2008

Eat Cake

I thought it might be nice to make some chocolate chip muffins with Oliver (for Oliver!).

He tipped the packet mix into the bowl as well as the milk while I cracked the egg and mixed it with the hand mixer.

Oliver couldn't wait for me to finish mixing!! Gee, I wonder why?! Here he is licking the chocolate off.

Next came putting the mixture into the cases which I thought best I did that!! LOL No sooner had I finished using the spatula, it was gone and this is the result!! He licked and licked and licked ........

...... 'till there was hardly any chocolate left. LOL

He did have a ball and I put the timer on so he would know when the muffins were ready! He stood watching the timer for a few minutes even though we said he might as well play with his trains as the muffins wouldn't be ready for 20 minutes. LOL So off he'd go playing and every so often come back and check the timer until it went off and he shouted that the muffins were ready!

I set them on the tray to cool and put one in a bowl for him to eat (forgot to take a photo of that!).

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Nicole & Phil said...

licking the beaters is the best thing.....
Phil gets cross now that the boys have a beater each, and he misses out! LOL