Saturday, 4 August 2007

Square Eyes

This is square eyes Oliver !!! Rob bought him 2 new Scooby Doo DVD's and as a treat he is allowed to watch one. He seems to find sitting on the floor and leaning up against the couch comfortable. His blue cloth (on the couch) is never far away but today he hasn't noticed it. I have been trying to reduce the amount of time he has his cloth to only when he sleeps and drinks his morning and night bottle. He so kindly gave his dummy to the "baby birds" last year and did so without any fuss. Bless him !


Nicole & Phil said...

Try working on Oliver now....saying that if he gives Santa the blanket, he will leave a na extra present for him. We did this with Alexander, and we talked about it for months before Xmas. He helped me wrap the blanket for Santa, with ribbon, and we left it on the table next to Santa's cookies and milk. On Xmas morning, Santa left him aa left him an extra presents where the blanket was for him. And Santa left a note saying that he would give the blanket to a new baby!

Kylie Swain said...

Nicole, that is a brillian idea.