Friday, 7 September 2007

Australia here we come!

We are going to Australia for a family reunion. As we still don't have a date for moving to Australia (I am hoping to be there by Christmas), a nice long stay is in order. The last time we were there was April 2005 when Oliver was christened so it has been that long since my parents have seen Oliver but they speak to him on the telephone every week.

I am looking forward to seeing my parents as my dad had a heart attack the day before his birthday in July and my mum passed out Monday week ago and hit her face so she had a black eye! What a pair they make!! LOL. B.T.W. - my dad is ok and I don't think he will be doing any more 12 hour days at work!

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Nicole & Phil said...

I hope your parents are feeling better soon, and all bumps and bruises will be gone for family photos...
Oliver is getting more like Rob every day, in looks, and now in the couch potato position ;)