Tuesday, 11 September 2007

I know I am obsessing...

This really is for the benefit of my parents who live in Australia as they don't see Oliver very often and know that I struggle to get Oliver to eat properly...

I got Oliver his dinner before I went out to my exercise class tonight. He had fried rice and while he was happy to eat it, after half a dozen mouthful's he came across a larger piece of bacon and that was it - he didn't want to eat any more! Oh well, no desert !!

I am off into London tomorrow to meet up with some friends so he will HAVE to eat what is on the menu !! I know I am being cruel *wink* but we have been toooo soft on him with his food - no more!

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Nicole & Phil said...

Keep at it Kylie, it will work! Make sure you don't give him snacks in between, and if you do, that it is fruit, or carrot sticks. It is hard work.....but well worth it!
Even now, If Cameron won't eat his dinner, he says "I don't want ice cream tonight".
Make sure you do not put too much food on his plate to begin with, as then he can see that he can actually finish his meal.
Good Luck!!!