Sunday, 23 September 2007

Been Busy Doing Nothing

This is Oliver the Pirate!! Ahhh, how cute!!

I've not posted this week as I haven't made any cards or been anywhere interesting to talk about. Mostly, I have had Oliver sitting on my lap wanting cuddles as he has been ill. First, he is contstipated (poor thing) and then Thursday morning (2:30am) he woke up with a very high temperature. I took him to the doctor and after looking him over, he said the temperature was due to a slight ear infection and tonsilitis which are not helping his contstipation situation. Oh dear!!! We've now got some laxatives and they are working a treat but it still seems to be painful for him to go. We are all very tired due to Oliver waking up and Rob is working all hours under the sun so he has been busy too.

We are off to Disneyland Paris next Thursday so while Oliver is down for his nap, I am washing the clothes in preparation and also clothes we need to take to Australia as we leave the day after we get back from Paris. Busy, busy, busy!!!!

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