Friday, 5 October 2007

A Little Off

Oliver was a little off colour today. Rob and I went out early to open up a bank account so if we buy a house we can use that account and when we move over, we have one already set up. I then went to the shops with my friends Veronique and Vanessa (who both have children), so Oliver wanted to then come along. He hasn't slept very well since we arrived and has been sleeping with Rob and I (which is a rare occurrence) and he has a cough too so I think today was the day it all caught up with him. He fell asleep within seconds of me putting him in the car and the journey home is only a 5 minute one.

Poppy's job tonight was to read Oliver his bedtime story. We could hear the two of them from down stairs (well, we could mostly hear Oliver interrupting Poppy!!) LOL.

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