Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Mum and I took Dad to South West Private hospital today as he had an operation to have a stent put in due to his heart attack back in July. Apparently the doctor said his artery is critical and needs to be done urgently other wise he could have another heart attack.

We arrived at 1pm but the doctor was running behind so Dad didn't go in for his operation until 6pm !! Mum and I went to get something to eat and by the time we got back, dad had been taken to his recovery room where he was being monitored. We had a quick chat with him and we could see he was getting tired so we left him to sleep. I didn't have Oliver with me as I asked my friend (Veronique) sister, Vanessa is she could look after him and Oliver can play with her son, Nathan. Veronique then looked after Oliver when Vanessa went to work. Thank goodness he wasn't with us as there is no way he would have sat for 5 hours waiting quietly with Poppy.

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