Saturday, 27 October 2007

We are back in the UK

We have made it back. Rob worked until 1:30am Friday night so he managed to sleep through his alarm this morning. We came out of the gates and there was no one to greet us. I noticed a missed call on my mobile and it was from Rob. First thing he said to me was "I'm really sorry, I slept through the alarm!" It didn't take him too long to get to us but Heathrow airport is a mess.

Oliver had a good sleep on the flight from Sydney to Hong Kong. We were delayed leaving Sydney due to a thunder storm and the new A380 was at Sydney airport. The law states that ground staff are not permitted to work while there is a storm so we had to wait for it to pass. As we were taking off, Oliver was saying "faster, faster".

When we got to Hong Kong I had to wait to get the buggy and then we had to rush to our connecting flight. Luckily, one of the Cathay Pacific staff came with us and I am glad they did as we ended up having to catch a train and go this way and that. I'm sure if I was on my own, we would not have found our way in time. We were the last ones on board but we did not delay the flight as they were still loading the plane with food or our bags!! Oliver had another nice long sleep (thank goodness) as this is the longest leg - 12 hours !!

Now the mission of today is to stay awake until about 9pm tonight.

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