Thursday, 3 January 2008


New Years Day we had a bbq at Rolf and Diane's. Yes, I said BBQ in January and yes, Rob does have shorts on !!! I am not sure what the temperature was but it was rather cold. These two BBQ in rain, hail and shine.

Rolf is an artist and his paintings are fantastic. Anyway, Oliver and Luke were playing in the back room where Luke has his toys and I don't know who went for a wander but they ended up in Rolf's office and if there is a paint brush about, Oliver will find it !! He did and this is him painting. Luke came out to grass on Oliver and tell us he was painting. I was horrified but luckily it was a blank canvas and not one Rolf was already working on. Phew !!!

Here we all are eating our lovely food.

Oliver is eating ice-cream while I am eating chocolate with champagne in the middle !!


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