Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Happy as Larry

What a face !! If Oliver eats his dinner we sometimes buy him a ginger bread cookie as a treat. This cookie had a pink pig with black nose and eyes - this is what happend to it !! LOL

I took this photo the other night.

I picked Oliver up from nursery and he was absolutely fine !! The girls said he stopped crying within minutes of me leaving. Oliver came running up to me saying 'mummy, it's my mummy'. Bless him !! He was telling me all about his day saying something about someone spilling water.....I didn't quite get all the story because he was speaking so fast. Hailey, one of the carers made a comment that Oliver was very intelligent. I would have to agree and I'm not jus saying that because he is my boy but from things I have observed Oliver doing/saying.


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