Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Welcome 2008

Hello to the new year !!

We had a lovely dinner last night with the Watson's while the two little boys were playing and running around. They had a ball and they stayed up until 1:30am (Europe time).

As Jill's parents only live a couple of doors away, we went over there around 11pm to see in the German New Year with them and their guests. Then we went outside to see the fireworks going off around us. Oliver loved them but the ones that were close by (next door neighbours) were tooooo loud for him so he wanted to go inside.

Jill and Martin had some fireworks that they lit out the front which Oliver was happy to watch.

After that we all went back inside and it wasn't long before Great Britain would be celebrating the new year so we put the television on to BBC1 for the count down. The firework display was great. As part of their display, small boats were going up and down the Thames with Fireworks on board and the blokes driving the boats had special suits on that lit up too. Oliver was impressed with that. He kept saying "there's the boat again".

Once we got home, we set about putting the two little one's to bed. They were asleep within minutes as you would expect after running around all day long. Unfortunately, we didn't have a good night with Oliver. He has picked up another chesty cold and was awake for some time coughing and sitting on my lap trying to fall asleep again. He was coughing so bad that I thought he was going to be sick a number of times - I wish he had been as he would have gotten rid of the yucky flem on his chest. He eventually went to sleep in between Rob and I (after I gave him some Nurofen) where he slept soundly for a good few hours. In the end he woke up at 11:30am. It sounds like he has slept the day away doesn't it ??? After such a bad night, I didn't care too much if he slept all day as he would have needed it.

He is down at the moment having an afternoon nap but I can hear him coughing every now and then, so I wonder how much sleep his is getting ?? Rob is laying down with him as he also needs to be rested for our journey back to the UK tomorrow which will take if all goes well about 5 hours.

I hope you all had a lovely New Years and your head doesn't hurt too much today.


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