Monday, 7 January 2008

'till December...

We put away all the Christmas decorations today. I do love all the decorations and the tree (only if it is small - we will get a big one this year), but it does tend to make our small lounge room even smaller. With the decorations gone, it feels like a new lounge room - like it has had a fresh coat of paint. Give it a week and I will get bored with the 'new' look and wish the decorations were back up !! LOL

This week I will be going through some more cupboards and drawers so I can see what we need to keep to take to Australia with us and what we don't need to take - all the 'i might need that one day' items. I'm reasonably good and have a chuck every now and then but Rob likes to hold onto things. I have been asking him to go through his shirt drawer for I don't know how long and still hasn't (typical) so it looks like it will be me doing it and if I haven't seen the shirt on his back in a while, it will go to the charity shop !!! Rob is very much the 'leave everything 'till the last minute' type person where as I'm not. Not a good combination !!

We hired a skip last year and had a clear out of our garage. It was only a small skip but we did almost fill it and if it were up to me, a lot of other stuff would have gone in it.

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