Monday, 21 January 2008


Rob put Oliver to bed last night while I was finishing my dinner. Everything was fine, then later on he started coughing so I went to check on him. I noticed he had on a short sleeve shirt. I realised that he had a different top on. Plus, his quilt was on the floor and a cellular blanket was on him. I thought Rob must have done this as the temperature was mild outside and even with the heating on minimum, he felt it was too warm.

I came downstairs and asked Rob is he had done this and he said 'no'. I thought he was joking but he wasn't. Oliver had taken his top off and changed it to his 'Thomas the tank engine' one. He also pulled the blanket out of another drawer and threw his quilt on the floor.

Rob and I were just laughing at what he had done and the fact he did it all by himself.

Oliver is having a well needed sleep so Rob and I are catching up on some DVD's we haven't watched in a long time - Indiana Jones trilogy. We watched the Raiders Of The Lost Arc yesterday during nap time so today it is the Temple Of Doom. I can hear you all singing the theme tune now !!


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